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Mask Guideline Update - 6/7/2021

Dear Panama Families;

Earlier today at his press conference and in a press release, Governor Cuomo announced a change to the current New York State school mask requirement.  This change states that masks are no longer required when students are outside.  The mask requirement inside of school buildings and on school buses remains in place.  Masks are still required inside of school buildings, except during meals and mask breaks.

Accordingly, beginning tomorrow, June 8th, 2021, students will not be required to wear masks when they are outside of the school buildings. If you wish your student to remain masked outdoors, please contact your students teacher.

Once again, I’d like to thank our parents, students and staff members for their patience and understanding throughout these changes.

For more information regarding Governor Cuomo’s announcement today please visit the link below:


Bert Lictus