•   Board of Education Goals

    Board of Education:

    • Provide a "board buddy" to each new board member.
    • Make better connections with staff by having staff reports at board meetings and receive staff updates from the administration on a regular basis.
    • Utilize District plans to ensure appropriate use of financial resources and expand the learning opportunities for students.
    • Make Middle Level (grades 6 - 8) programming a priority to instill the need for education in students and parents.


    • Stay current on school district federal and state requirements and utilize professional development opportunities to develop vision for the District.
    • Expand efficiency and capacity by sharing resources through partnerships with other school districts, outside agencies and municipal governments.
    • Support differentiated and alternative Middle Level programs that engage students in school.
    • Use available resources to provide learning opportunities outside of the school district options.


    • Increase achievement for all students while recognizing their diverse needs.
    • Promote an atmosphere of cooperation while increasing standards.
    • Develop Staff Learning Communities to target and strengthen instructional practices.
    • Use updated resources, including technology, as tools to engage all learners.
    • Strengthen adults and students resolve to achieve high standards.
    • Work to promote the District's positives within the school and District.